About Us

 Corporate Properties Services (www.Elitesproperty.com) is a division of PHOENIX CORP INTERNATIONAL, is becoming a  leading portal in the online and offline real estate space, Elitesproprty.com offers one-stop property marketing solutions serving builders, real estate agents and home owners to sell or rent their properties, while offering a feature rich interface for property buyers and tenants to search and identify properties that match their requirement.  Elites property is a assisted property search service.

Why Choose Us

Elites property.com is a full Real Estate and Property Management service, known for their dedication to understanding clients requirements and maximizing their clients return on investment in today’s market. We always give importance to social economics , our projects would be raised by considering the consumer and customer expectations. View personal searches at your leisure. Sign up for your “Property Listing” Whether you are selling your property, buying or looking for investment property, simply want to follow Current Market Conditions and Trends,we are happy to assist you. After choosing our company the customer could feel that they are in safest hand and feel good quality and services. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.hope you enjoy the experience!



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